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Alice Mail is a free mail service provider in Italy. Telecom Italia provides the service. Note that Telecom Italia gives access to email service to many of its customers for free. Virgilio is the first portal of Italy that deals with national news, horoscope, sports, video community, search engine, and other attractive services. Alice Mail is a part of Virgilio community. The telecommunications and web services of Alice Mail are performed under other brands but its web portal offers email services to many people.

The entrance of Alice Mail provides a fantastic opportunity for promotions and marketing to businesses that deal with telecommunications, rents, and advertising. But despite the tremendous service provided by Alice, it is losing popularity, and people prefer other better services. But still, it is famous in many parts of Italy. This service is generally recommended to those who have a clean and straightforward user interface and those who do not use email services daily. This service is free and comes with a fiber-optic connection. Aside from all these, this site provides hosting services with its older brands like and 

Its mail-box is protected by antivirus blocks to protect from junk mail and malware. And because of this, the inbox is clutter-free, and reading emails is easy.  

Features of Alice Mail:

Alice Mail is an excellent service provider for sending emails to customers and others. It provides users with new and attractive features always so that productivity gets increased. The storage space to save emails in it is also high; it provides storage of up to 3 GB. Provided below are the details of two attractive features.

Antispam: One attractive feature of it is that it automatically deletes every junk email after every twenty days. 

Antivirus: This individual email service provider checks for every email and scan them for viruses and spyware. 

Advantages of Alice Mail:

Alice Mail is an excellent and straightforward user interface. It also offers exciting communication features like Alice Messenger. Alice Messenger allows people to chat with each other via instant messaging. Moreover, this free mail service provider will enable users to create an album or photo. They can also archive photos or create blog posts in it. Plus, It is responsive and allows its sites to download this site on any device easily.

It makes the user interface quite simple and easy. It will soon also provide users with a tablet version. It provides users with third-party services such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. Alice Mail or Tim Mail offers the users with three gigabytes of storage along with antispam and antivirus. Management and flexibility are also quite comfortable in it.

Homepage of Alice Mail:

When you open the home page of Tim Mail or Alice Mail, then you will get a user interface that would provide you with a tool-bar and a cookie warning. You will also get to see a “Click here” button. If you click on the “click here’ button, you will read about the policies of it and the warnings associated with that site.

You need not understand that instead close the notification. But on that page, you may also find important information about it, such as how to recover a forgotten password, malfunctions, etc. You need to read that information carefully and open the official website of Alice Mail. Then you would be provided with three options that are,, and You need to choose any of them.

If you have an Alice Mail account, then it would be easier for you to understand how to use the site and what you should do in case of malfunctions. After entering the home page, what you need to do is open the web address mail.alice. It and write your username. After that, you would get an option of an alice login. You need to click on that alice mail login button. 


Alice Mail personal in today’s times has become quite developed and has introduced a new and popular service known as Mobi Mail, according to which you can get access to alicemail anytime anywhere. You can quickly sign in your email using your smartphone. This mail service provider is also accessible from smartphones so that everybody is provided with the opportunity to use Mail Alice

You can easily download the free version of the it in mobile app on your smartphone or mobile app. As soon as you will start using it, you will get a notification from the Mail alert service. And each time you receive an email, you will get information. And if you don’t want to download the mobile app, then you can use the site which provides the same service. Its Mailbox login is also secure. 


This mail service provider is excellent and allows users to send many messages quickly. It has several attractive features and is recommended. Business owners who are looking for a secure and quick option to send mails should use it.